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Chapter 13: Color Schemes

You have to like the look of your terminal if you’re going to be in it all day. Vim comes with quite a few color schemes. To see them:

  1. Type :colo
  2. Hit tab. You will see a list of available color schemes.
  3. Type the name of the color scheme you want to try, then hit enter.

I am a color scheme fanatic, but I eventually settled on two color schemes that I like the most.


Solarized is a low contrast color scheme that’s really easy on your eyes. It’s one of the most popular color schemes for Vim, and for good reason. It has a blue-green background that might seem odd at first, but becomes really pleasant once you spend some time with it.



Molokai has a dark background and vibrant colors. It’s my second favorite after Solarized.

Installing Color Schemes

To install a new color scheme just grab the .vim file that represents it and save it to ~/.vim/colors/.


Some other popular color schemes are Railscasts, Badwolf, Vividchalk, Codeschool, and Pyte.

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