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Chapter 6: Replace and Substitute

Replace and substitute are two additional actions.


r<character> will replace the character under cursor with the new character. It keeps you in Normal Mode.

R puts you in Replace Mode. In Replace Mode anything you type will overwrite what’s currently on the line.

You can hit escape to exit replace mode.


s will delete the character under cursor then place you in insert mode so you can continue typing.

S will delete the text on the current line and place you in insert mode at the beginning of the line.

I use S whenver I need to change an entire line and I’m not at the beginning of that line. The neat thing about S is that it respects tab alignment. It’s essentially ^c$ combined into one command.

Ex Commands

Ex commands are commands you type after typing :. If you hit : then start typing you will see your text appear on the command line. You can hit enter to execute a command or escape to get out.

Substitute Ex Command

:%s/old/new/g will replace “old” with “new” everywhere in your current file.

The g stands for global.

Add c to the end to be prompted before making each change. This is great for search and replace where you need to check each match and choose whether or not to make the replacement.


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